James Sprang – Aquifer of Rhythm

May 22, 2020


This post was written by James Sprang, part of the 2020 Cohort of the Painted Bride’s Building Bridges: On the Rise project.



Every project is a journey. For this journey entitled Aquifer of Rhythm, I am tracing rhythms and drumming patterns from Philadelphia to the Caribbean and finally to West Africa. In doing so I hope to gain a better understanding of my personal relationship to the African Diaspora. Much of this research and understanding consists of listening. It is perfect for this moment.

For now, as a way of sharing, I invite you to listen to the four tracks/videos below.

Three of them represent each leg of this research (Philadelphia, the Caribbean, West Africa).

The fourth track is a lil’ wild card. It is the result of a modular synthesizer patch I built, inspired by Suzanne Ciani’s use of the Buchla (pictured).

I hope to soon find a sonic space that melds these aesthetics and tells the story of this Caribbean-American boy trying to find home through the rhythms and melodies around him…

Alejandro Berillo (Cuba)
Jalikunda (Africa)

Open a window and let some rhythm in…

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