Fiery Funk-and-Rollers, Rebellum, open Fall 2014 Season at the Bride

September 8, 2014

Painted Bride show-goers might notice a few familiar faces when REBELLUM hits the stage on September 27th for our season opener. This ensemble is an alter-ego (or “splinter cell,” as they put it) of Burnt Sugar Arkestra, the jazz provocateurs who tore up our stage in 2012 to the tune of Miles Davis and James Brown.

Over the past several years, Burnt Sugar Arkestra has gained notoriety for similar tributes to David Bowie and Steely Dan, among others. But this year, the ensemble stepped forward with a brand new album, a brand new name, and a brand new bag.

The Rebellum project started as an exercise in “radical conformity,” says conductor, guitarist, and former Village Voice author, Greg Tate. The Harlem-based band challenged themselves to pack their sprawling sound into more traditional, radio-friendly tunes. What emerged was The Darknuss, a 20-track debut LP packed with what they’re calling “snarky protest songs, wry race music and roman­tic warrior anthems.” The name ‘Rebellum’ came after, a necessary rebrand for the band’s segue into original music.

Burnt Sugar fans needn’t worry—Rebellum is no less spontaneous or theatrical because of its creative constraints. In fact, Tate says the Rebellum show has produced a different kind of drama–a surprising new level of showmanship.

“There’s no dress code for this show,” says Tate, hinting that each member of the 10-piece ensemble will be letting their freak flag fly. “I can never predict what characters will emerge.” Having recently returned from a 10-city Rebellum tour, that’s saying something.

If nothing else, Rebellum attendees can expect a night of experimental funk, soul, and Afro-Futurist insurgency. Tate, who has variously played in and organized bands since the early 90s is particularly stoked about the trajectory of the project, saying, “I’m excited to be in a rock band again.”

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