Relax Sound Bath

April 21, 2020


This post was written by James Sprang, part of the 2020 Cohort of the Painted Bride’s Building Bridges: On the Rise project.



Go get some rest!!! We all need it right now. I know it can be hard at times. So hard in fact, I had to make myself a little lullaby by sampling some brown noise and coupling it with a simple generative modular synthesizer patch.

Side note: Did you know white noise is actually pink noise or brown noise?… Yep. You heard it hear first. Sounds are colored and those sounds can soothe you into a relaxed and present state.

So here’s a two-minute excerpt of what I made in order to catch some Z’s. Because with rest comes creativity… Try to listen on headphones if you can.

And if you like, make sure to check out Suzanne Ciani’s album Quadrophonic. Now close your eyes and press play!


Building Bridges is supported by Pennsylvania Humanities Council’s Pop-Up Grants for Cultural Producers.