Resistance Garden: How to Bring Spirituality into your Foraging Practice

January 25, 2023

by Alicia Rink

Bringing spirituality to your foraging practice, opens up a partnership with Mother Earth and the unseen forces that exist beyond the physical. It’s a very personal connection, for spirituality means something different for everyone. You can be more broad and call in Mother Gaia, the Great Spirit, Source/God/Goddess. Or be more intentional and invite Inilla the Goddess of foraging, the witches, fae world or medicine people of your ancestors and those of the land you are harvesting on to guide you. Whatever feels right to you.

When an intention is declared, you ask these beings to aid in your gathering. Maybe you have an imbalance and are looking for a remedy or the perfect berries for a pie. Perhaps something more specific like mugwort for a monthly moon cycle, third eye opener or house clearing. By allowing your intuition to guide you on your path, opens you up to hear their whispers.

During your harvest and at the end, giving gratitude in some way for the magic shared is a beautiful way to honor the nature of the exchange. I personally love to sing and offer an energy healing to the land, but make it your own. The most important part is to do what feels good to your heart.

Please note though, while using intuition is strongly encouraged in foraging, don’t forget to double check with plant identification to assure that you won’t be one of the spirits guiding other living humans on your next foraging adventure.