Resistance Garden: How to Harvest Flower Seed

January 6, 2023

In this video I show examples of how to harvest two different kinds of flower seeds, marigolds, then calendula. Both of these flowers are part of the Asteraceae plant family, one of the largest plant families.

Many flowers in this plant family create seeds intended to be spread by wind or by getting caught on animals that then carry the seed and are therefore one of the easier ones to spot, harvest, and save.

Both of these flowers are also annuals, which means that they will produce seed within one growing season.

Once you have harvested this seed you should ideally store it in a dry, temperature controlled environment (not too hot, not too cold), out of direct sunlight until you are ready to plant it. A brown paper bag inside of a cabinet in your house should be perfectly fine.

Here are some articles with further information if you are hoping to know more on the differences between Calendula and Marigolds and the Aster plant family.
Amalia (she/they), Dirtbaby Farm