Resistance Garden: Read zines #1-4 here

November 21, 2023
Education & Outreach

As part of our Resistance Garden project, we collaborated with our partners to create zines with educational, creative, and cultural content that were distributed for free across Philadelphia gardens, libraries, and cultural centers. Now, we’re making all four zines available online, so you can access them anywhere, anytime!

Click here to view:

  • New Moon Zine: New beginnings. A time for planting tender dreams we wish to grow.
  • Waning Moon Zine: Driving desires. A time for tapping into your inner strength, finding your power, and taking action.
  • Full Moon Zine: Fiercely Feeling. A time for practicing deep gratitude and intentionality.
  • Waxing Moon Zine: Releasing Tension. A time for activation of intuition and understanding, re-evaluating and accepting change.