Secret Show Call for Proposals

July 27, 2016


The Bride is bringing back its groundbreaking series Secret Show for a second season!

This year, the Bride is looking to expand the series into a partnership with FIVE (5) emerging artists working in any performance medium. These artists must be based in Philadelphia and looking to create an immersive, interactive, visionary experience. The purpose of Secret Show is to support the next generation of Philadelphia artists, so–THINK BIG!

What is Secret Show?

Secret Show is a series of performance pieces put on by the Bride that bring risk and surprise back to the performance world! Each show is held on the fourth Monday of the month, from January to May. Audiences aren’t told a title for the show or what it’s about–though artists are encouraged to give “hints” about the show through social media, e.g. All the prospective audiences know are who is putting on the show–and when and where to show up!

This is what we’re looking for:

  • Amazing, unique, specific ideas for shows that are unlike what we’ve ever seen before
  • Good self-promoters, through social media or other means–or willing to learn!
  • Artists interested in professionalization: learning about marketing, how to work with a budget, incorporating other professionals, etc.

This is what we’re offering:

  • Rehearsal space
  • A production allowance
  • All supporting functions of the Painted Bride (e.g., marketing, production, etc.) and the opportunity to work with Bride professionals
  • A stipend for you to show your work

How do you become eligible?

Email us at development@localhost/paintedbride with answers to the following questions by August 31, 2016. Please keep your submissions to a maximum of 3 pages–and note that incomplete submissions will not be considered.

  1. Tell us about yourself and your artistic vision. (1 sentence max)
  2. Tell us about the project you’ve done that’s your favorite and why. (2 paragraphs max)
  3. Tell us about your social media experience plus any marketing expertise you may have–and what you’d like to improve. (1 paragraph max)
  4. Specify what kind of professional development you would find most useful and why. (1 paragraph max)
  5. Describe the show you want to do at the Painted Bride. Are there concepts you want to explore? Techniques you’d like to develop? Please be as detailed as possible–visual description is very helpful! PAINT US A PICTURE OF YOUR IDEAL SECRET SHOW!

We’ll review the submissions and bring in those we’re interested in for an interview, and the final roster will be set by the end of October.