Spotlight on: Laura Henrich

September 10, 2012

Today’s spotlight was chosen by our Associate Director, Lisa Nelson-Haynes.

Name: Laura Henrich

Occupation: Freelance: non-profits arts management and PR

What genres of art do you enjoy? Really, all kinds. I’m a big fan of music and dance from all over the world. When going to a museum, I find I gravitate towards contemporary art, but thrilled by it all.

How long have you been a part of the Bride community? A decade away from half a century. Yikes!

Share with us your first experience at the Bride, or your favorite Bride story.

Recently graduating from college, I was deep into a woe is me stage of my life–feeling all lonely and lost, wondering now what am I supposed to do with my life? I spent the summer vegging by a pool at my parent’s apartment house, until my father said, “Would you get off your a** and get a job!” That woke me up! I did as I was directed, and must have found a friend, too, because one night I wound up at this relatively new place on South Street called The Painted Bride. I don’t even remember what performance I saw, but what I do remember is that I bumped into someone I knew from the time I was in elementary school. Something happened at that reunion. The whole notion of community resonated with me in a brand new way. And, community continues to be one of the many amazing things that come to mind when I think about the Painted Bride.

What is your fantasy artist or project you’d like to see come to the Bride? I rely heavily on all of you at the Painted Bride to introduce me to brand new artists, or artists that are new to me, anyway. Just some of those that knocked my socks off are:

Danny Hoch

Mark Bamuthi Joseph

Sarah Jones

And most recently (and I see they’re coming back this season—hooray for you), Yemen Blues. Your audience cannot afford to miss this one!

Name five of your favorite artists. Way too hard to answer.

Name three favorite foods.

Thin-crusted pizza a la New Haven’s BAR

The old Jimmy Milan’s salad (they’re making it here in Narberth, now)


Where can we find you online? (blog, twitter, facebook, etc.)