Welcome to Our Micro Residency Artists!

September 4, 2018

the micro residency program has ended

The Painted Bride is happy to announce our 2018 Micro Residency Artists! These talented individuals and organizations will be sharing space with us at 230 Vine Street for the remainder of 2018. Take a look at the artists and projects that we will be supporting, and follow us for artists updates, spotlights,events and more!

Black Boy Fly Collective, Performance Collective
Creating multimedia projects focusing on art and activism through the means of photo-books, musical projects and poetry throughout the remainder of the calendar year

Black Boy Fly


Ellis Martin and Zack Ozma, Writers & Researchers

Selected Journals of Louis G. Sullivan is a transcription of a gender pioneer, the first publicly gay trans man to attempt medically transition in the mid-80s.


Black Quantum Futurism Collective, Multidisciplinary Artists & Activists

Black Quantum Futurism, Black Womxn Temporal Portal, explores personal, cultural, familial, and communal cycles of experience, and solutions for transforming oppressive linear temporalities into empowering, alternative temporalities.

Camae Ayewa and Rasheedah Phillips of Black Quantum Futurism


Anita Holland, Multidisciplinary Artist

“V” is a performance piece re-imagining the myth of the minotaur.


Kimya Imani Jackson, Dancer & Performance Artist

Trains is a dance and performance art piece that explores topics ranging from public infrastructure to transhumanism to contract work, and more.

Anthony Carlos Molden, Visual Artist

Multimedia portraits and abstractions.


Robyn Watson, Director & Choreographer

The BlackBird’s Suite A trilogy of tap dance narratives based on experiences of black women through different eras in America


Martin Peeves, Multimedia Artist

PeevesplayBride – An interdisciplinary Art Project includes painting, sculpture, printmaking, graphic-design and apparel by this Ghanaian artist.


Rushawn Stanley, Visual Artist

Multimedia surrealist artwork


Devyn Farries, “Khaleel,” Illustrator

Queers in da Hood is a visual series depicting queer and transgender people of color.


Artist: Autumn Wallace


Autumn Wallace, Visual Artist

Rather Salty: The Art of the Insult includes mid-to-large-scale paintings, sculptures and prints.The work seeks to employ art as a means to break apart and reconsider the stakes in the words we choose.


Meg Wolensky, Painter

Made for Others exposes personal truths based on experiences, memories, and dreams.


Artist: Meg Wolensky


Gilberto Vega, Theater Artist

Intitulado, a Latin-influenced bilingual musical theatre piece


Nadine Patterson, Filmmaker & Activist

Are You Being Served: Inclusion in the Arts, is a documentary about the need for more diversity in non-profit, educational and cultural organizations.


Melissa Simpson, Freelance Journalist, Photographer

FreeForm is a photo series to create a visual space for queer people and people of color to be represented in their most honest form.


Yaya Sabater, Visual Artist, Photographer

Their work is centered around Black queer folx by experimenting with different mediums to express facets of gender, sexuality & spirituality.


Lisa Joe Epstein, Theater Artist & Activist

Just Act, Go Vote!, an interactive theater piece created by an ensemble of young people on the topic of getting out the vote.


Homeworld play session


Ninth Planet, Theater Artists

Homeworld is an interactive dance theatre performance for babies, ages 3-18 months, and their caregivers, presented on October 5-14, 2018 at 230 Vine Street.


Kevin Keenan, Musician, Sound Artist & Carpenter

Performance is an interactive sound installation that utilizes a network of webcams with computer software to create a dynamic electronic music performance through a high fidelity, quadraphonic sound system that responds to humans moving through the space.


Team Sunshine Performance Co

The Sincerity Project is a 24-year documentary-play about the passage of time through the accrued achievements and losses in the real lives of its seven-member ensemble. The ensemble creates a new iteration of the project every two years.

Team Sunshine Performance Co


Gabrielle Revlock, Choreographer & Dancer

Performance of a Feminine Object, is a solo dance that incorporates dance, puppetry, theater and non-stop hula hooping, referencing the historic and cultural disciplining of the female body.


Sean Stoops, Multimedia Artists

Creating evening projections on the windows of the Painted Bride on Vine Street.