“What’s Happening?” Digital Artist Guide

December 11, 2018
News, Theater

The “What’s Happening?” Happening was a free event designed for our many visual and performance artists to showcase the work they have been developing over the past few months through our Micro-Residency Program. The event was offered free to the public so that viewers would be able to support the artists directly. Those able to participate in the event on Dec 7th are listed below along with ways to follow and support the artists you may have seen or ones you would like to see more of!

Whether you were able to attend on Dec 7th or not, please take a look, follow the artists and consider supporting their important work!


Gabrielle Revlock

  • Discipline: Dancer/Choreographer
  • Project: Manifesto is a two part performance about power, care and gender. Part 2 is looping performance for a gallery space that uses as its source material video of myself embracing a male lover. This choreography has been transposed onto myself and a female friend (Michele Tantoco). I wanted to complicate notions of what friendship can look and feel like, re-patterning my own search for care. Part 1 (not performed here) will be an expansion of my 2016 solo, I replaced him with a lamp.
  • How to support the project/artist:
    • You can make a tax-deductible donation at:
    • Venmo: GabrielleRevlock
    • Contact if you would like to invite this performance to your space or if you are female-identified and interested in participating in a future iteration.
  • Follow the artist:


Anita Holland

  • Discipline: performance artist, theatre maker
  • Project: V is an episodic multidisciplinary re-imagining of the classically white male epic trope. It is loosely autobiographical, shaped around the transformation of creator/performer Anita Holland. V is the story of a life still being lived, engaging the senses and intellect through elemental installation, movement, and poetry. The core of the show is multiplicity — the innumerable possibilities of existence, cycles of birth+rest+rebirth, the disinterest in telling one narrative, in order to embrace many versions of a complex identity and story. Episode 1: The audience will traverse the labyrinth and encounter the Myth of the Minotaur.
  • Follow the artist:


Nadine Patterson

  • Discipline: Film Maker
  • Project: Harriet Tubman Haiku and Tanka Film Project (working title, 3 ½ min.) is a meditation on nature, history and resistance. Professor Sanchez’s words speak to us today as many in America struggle to find their own liberation. The imagery is meant to heal and aid the viewer in reflection upon the text. The version on display today is a short sample of the concept. More voice recording, music, and additional footage will be added in the coming months. (Creative Team – Sonia Sanchez, poet/performer/producer; Nadine Patterson, camera/editor/director; Marlene G. Patterson, researcher/executive producer; Stephanie Malson, camera. Tech – Shot with the Panasonic GH4.)
  • How to support the project/artist:
    • If you are interested in making a donation to the project please contact us at
  • Follow the artist:


Kevin P. Keenan

  • Discipline: multidisciplinary installation artist, musician, and sound engineer.
  • Project: Performance is an interactive sound installation that takes physical control from participants and immediately gives aural feedback to those same participants. This loop generates a one time performance for any other co-participants who have then become performers themselves.
  • How to support the project/artist:
  • Follow:
    • Instagram: @kevin_p_keenan



Robyn Watson

  • Discipline: choreographer and director
  • Project: Notes from a Dark Rib is the first installment of The Blackbirds’ Suites trilogy which is a series of tap dance narratives exploring the portrayal of black women identity in America. Ft. Corrine Karon, Rochelle Haynes
  • How to support the project/artist:
  • Follow the artist:
    • @areohbeewhyinn on Twitter and Instagram.


Black Boy Fly Collective

  • Discipline: Multi-Genre: Poetry, Photography, Music, Visual Art
  • Project: Elements of Blackness, an ethnological survey of blackness. The brainchild of collective member David Pratt Jr, the initial project stemmed from a exhibition of his currently displayed in Tyler School of Art at Temple University. Black Boy Fly sought to expand on the work, incorporating elements of poetry, hip-hop and additional visual elements for their cumulative exhibition at the Painted Bride. Black viewers are encouraged to participate in the exhibit’s interactive component.
  • How to support the project/artist: To donate, Cash-App our Treasurer David Pratt $DPratt369
  • Follow the artist:
    • @blackboyflycollective on Instagram
    • @blackboyflyco on Twitter


Bonnie Baldini

  • Discipline: Director, Actor, and Clown Performer
  • Project: Modern City Clown Girl Modrn works through the complexities of a topic that is confounding them, processing through power ballads and comedic interpretive dance (Modrn is not quite a ballerina, but does their best!)
  • How to support the project:
    • please consider donating to the project via Venmo at @Bonnie-Baldini
  • Follow the artist: Instagram @moderncityclowngirl







Black Quantum Futurism Collective


  • Discipline: cartoonist/illustrator
  • Project: Queers in da Hood Focuses on black and brown queer people who exist in both the hood, and hood culture. This series shines light on the beauty of the queer hood and what it means to exist, and thrive in that environment. The goal of this project is to bring visibility to a part of the queer experience that hasn’t been commercialized or whitewashed.
  • How to support: check out khaleel’s Etsy (khaleelart) and contact for for commissions
  • Follow the artist:



Rushawn “Scumlizard” Stanley

  • Discipline: Multimedia Visual Artist
  • How to support the artist:
    • For sales and commissions please contact Rushawn at
  • Follow the artist:
      • Facebook & IG @scumlizard





Meg Wolensky

  • Discipline: Painter
  • Project: Made for Other, and other works
  • How to support the project/artist:
    • For sales and commissions please contact Please include your contact information, a description of the commissioned piece, any reference pictures, and your budget. Thank you!
    • Venmo: @megwolensky
  • Follow the artist:



Autumn “Veggiemon” Wallace

  • Discipline: Multimedia Artist
  • Project: Various Projects
  • How to support the artist:
    • Check out Autumn on Etsy veggiemonstore
    • To Purchase or commission work contact autumn at
  • Follow the artist:
    • IG: @veggiemon






Ninth Planet & Brandi Burgess

  • Discipline: Experimental Theatre & Music
  • Project: Slow Your Roll, Honey Honey an audio visual installation photography by Kenzi Crash, including audio material from Honey Honey, a new performance in development, to be presented by Ninth Planet and Brandi Burgess in 2020 (contributions from Paloma Irizarry, Emily Johnson, Anthony Martinez-Briggs, Sav Souza, Jackie Soro, Kiki Rodriguez, Rachel Sumi Ishikawa, Jacqueline Constance, Nia Benjamin, Brandi Burgess, Jeremy Gable, Sam Tower, Nic Labadie-Bartz, Jordan McCree) Honey Honey will premiere in 2020 as a live multi-media performance fantasia for ages 13 and up. This large-scale original work is being co-authored by the full ensemble of creators, performers, writers and musicians. A road trip across the US takes a crew of teenagers down a cotton candy rabbit hole where every creature is magic, queer love is normalized, new identities crystallize, and a radical redefining of family is possible.

In Honey Honey, you can watch the eclipse with kaleidoscope goggles. You watch the snow fall on the mountains of California. You listen to slow jams, listen to beatzy bars, listen to your pulse. You can drink your glowing blue drink as you sweat in the dark. You follow Red Ruby through a portal in the clouds. Don’t slow down, don’t slow down. Look where you’re going, not where you’ve been.”

Anthony Carlos Molden

  • Discipline: Multimedia Artist
  • How to support the project/artist:
    • To purchase work contact Anthony at
  • Follow the artist:
    • IG: anthonymolden