Matthew Armstead & “Thriving Together” (Conjuring Joy at the Bride)

June 27, 2024

Conjuring Joy at the Bride artist-in-residence

Matthew Armstead, “Thriving Together”

Theatre, music, and social justice

Thriving Together explores how we can move through the 2024 election season and thrive. We already live with political polarization, frenzied new media, and lingering pandemic stress. Rather than burn out or numb the discomfort, we can come together across our differences and face challenges feeling well-resourced.

There will be two free, public workshops at the Bride (click through for tickets and more info):

From Matthew: “Together, with the Conjuring Joy cohort and other collaborators, I’m excited to celebrate our freedom to thrive.”

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Community Event

Conjuring Joy at the Bride

July – Sept. 2024
Community Event

Workshop: Embodying Anger (Conjuring Joy)

Sun, Jul. 21 from 11am-1pm

About the artist

Matthew Armstead (they/them), founder of Culture Work Studios, is a seasoned leader with 15+ years at the intersection of justice movements and artistic expression. They make performance experiences for audiences to reclaim power and embody our liberation now. Matthew engages audiences by intertwining community organizing, popular education, and physical theatre techniques. Recent works include Song Bridge & Magic Lagoon (Cannonball Festival), and Inspira: The Power of the Spiritual (Theatre for Transformation). A recipient of an M.F.A. from Pig Iron Theatre Company and the University of the Arts, Matthew holds a B.A. in Theater and Women’s Studies from Swarthmore College.