something soft is a multimodal performance ritual from Ma’at Works Dance Collective (Mawu Gora, Jah Elyse Sayers, Majesty Royale-Jackson) exploring modalities of softness through diverse ideas of technology. Through multiple invitations they invite the audience into rhythmic somatic patterns, sensory exercises and lullabies to reimagine how we hold, suspend and care for ourselves. Afro Presentism speaks of the future as a moving present. They implore these strategies and use technologies from Alexis Pauline Gumbs, undrowned to imagine ourselves in our softest humanity. The work is inspired and made with, and by, black, neurodivergent, queer, trans and non-binary folk in mind.

To learn more about something soft, visit their website here.


The residency will include 4 public workshops and 3 distinct performances by Ma’at Works informed by the workshops. Attendance at all events is not necessary to participate, but is encouraged.

  1. Mar. 23 (12PM – 2:30PM): Workshop with Mawu Gora | Rage Rituals: Dissent & Softness
  2. Mar. 30 (12PM – 2:30PM): Workshop with Jah Elyse Sayers | “all that you touch”: a collective self and material study
  3. Apr. 6 (8PM – 10PM): First Show
  4. Apr. 13 (12PM – 2:30PM): Workshop with Majesty Royale-Jackson | soft riot sounds
  5. Apr. 21 (12PM – 2:30PM): Workshop with Mawu and Jah| Foraging the Altar: Play Practices
  6. Apr. 21 (5PM – 7PM): Second Show
  7. Apr. 28 (3PM – 5PM): Final Show
Additional credits

Movement artists: Graciella Ye’Tsunami, Lee Edwards, Mai’yah Kau, Sophiann Mahalia, Amethyst Rose, SJ Swilley, Jasper B. Cabrera, angel edwards

Sound engineer: Majesty Royale-Jackson

Costume design: Aaron Mack

Photographer/videographer: Hanifah Griffith, angel edwards

Project Coordinator: Jayla Washington