A multidisciplinary dance project exploring queer & gender-expansive identity and family, from Meg Foley

June 7 – June 23, 2024

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Visual Art

Blood Baby: Touch Library

Jun. 7 – Jun. 23, 2024

Blood Baby: Communion

Jun. 7 – Jun. 22, 2024
Visual Art

Blood Baby: Primordial

Jun. 8 – Jun. 23, 2024

Who We Are

Building on a 53-year legacy, the Painted Bride brings together artists, audiences, and communities to push the boundaries of how we create and experience art.

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Jun 2024

An introduction to Blood Baby, from lead artist Meg Foley

In 2019, I began using fabric, foam, and carpet to extend embodied space through interactive objects and installations, affording somatic life to objects and “feeling back” on and through my body. This has developed into and informed my current project, Blood Baby. It explores my experience of queer motherhood in… Read More
Jun 2024

queer x family (Blood Baby)

Lauren Bakst, artist and scholar of experimental performance studies, situates Blood Baby in our current political landscape: queer x family By Lauren Bakst Thinking queerness and family together can feel like trying to solve a riddle. Perhaps that’s why, in whatever part of Meg Foley’s Blood Baby you’re about… Read More
May 2024

(thINKingDANCE) A River Runs Down 52nd

Call for Artists

We values artists and their role as carriers of culture and tradition and guides to living creatively. Check out our current opportunities to develop new programming that engages with communities.

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Blood Baby

June 2024

Lenape Sippu: Call Her By Her Name

Mar. 20 - Apr. 20, 2024